| TTL Interview | Monika Anush, Founder of ‘Le Zazzu’ |

It gives great pleasure in bringing TTL’s first interview with Monika Anush, Founder & CEO of online shop Le Zazzu which launched on January 18 2018.

Le Zazzu is a curation of wardrobe exclusives by the Crème de la Crème of emerging design talent of Asia, envisioning to make waves in the USA’s fashion scene. The launch of LeZazzu.shop brings the likes of Rahul Mishra, RaraAvis By Sonal Verma, Valliyan by Nitya Arora, SHIFT by Nimish Shift, Ekam by Manish Gupta, Chandan Gandhi and Antar Agni by Ujjawel Dubey.

Monika has provided great encouragement to TTL with her like- minded vision and fuel for making way to the designers from Asia to the West, here she tells us just how:

TTL | What initially sparked the idea of Le Zazzu for you?

MA | As someone who shopped for fashion globally, I always felt that the fashion in the west needed some colour and perspective from the east. Especially at a time in the US, when the political winds were making people raise their hands for colour and diversity, I felt fashion was not reflecting that sentiment in its choices. I felt it was a right time to do so – I wanted to bring a movement of colour and perspectives from the east into the west. The word Zazzu, in fact, is derived from the word movement.

TTL | Le Zazzu has launched successfully with some of the established and emerging talents of India. What does the platform of Le Zazzu mean for these designers?

MA | In creating LeZazzu.shop, I wanted the brand to act as a stepping stone for designers who bring a different vision into the world, but feel limited in bringing that vision to life just selling in the eastern markets – because of the type of demand there. I wanted to create a platform that enables them to bring that vision to life devoid of limitations. It is also a true platform that acts as a retailor and an agent – my dream for each of these designers is for LeZazzu.shop to be a ticket into the Barneys’ of the world.

TTL | Tell us more about the fantastic initiative Le Zazzu provides to emerging design talent through it’s share in profits.

MA | Think of it as a kickstarter for fashion, but without taking a share of their business. We want to make it easy for these designers in every way and the biggest hurdle when you are an emerging creator is the investment to make your visions into reality. We invest in them by buying the inventory or part of it upfront. In the long run, my goal is to help emerging visionaries out of school by helping in their initial funding and training.

TTL | How do the collections curated on Le Zazzu reflect sustainability?

MA | A large number of creators from countries in the east utilize local artisans and fabrics that are organically sustainable in nature. We want to promote and be the bridge of those two worlds – the local, sustainable culture connecting with the west.

TTL | There has been wave of talent cropping out of Asia for the last decade now, what is the most exciting part about building a platform for this talent?

MA | That was precisely the observation we had – the talent cropping out of Asia is enormous, but that talent has not been as noticed, especially here in the US, as I would like. Especially as we see Asian culture hitting mainstream media here – with actresses like Priyanka Chopra making it big here – we feel doorways have now opened that we can now use to bring in fashion talent and perspectives through. It is the legal immigration of perspectives and culture, if you will – that can bring the world closer.

TTL | Zazzu, translates to movement, tell us about the movement, you envisage, Le Zazzu will make to the fashion market in the USA?

MA | A movement of new colour, and by new colour I mean new perspectives, new visions from the east – that are bringing something unique to the world of fashion. Each designer I have (and will) curate does that – to name a few, Ujjawal Dubey’s movement is to bring spirituality into fashion. His brand Antar – Agni explores the dark in search of the light. Chandan Gandhi’s movement is to bring colours and bold lines into an otherwise grey men’s fashion world, while Sonal Verma’s vision with RaRa Avis is to bring an unexpected twist to timeless memories.

TTL | Le Zazzu is more than just an online shop; tell us about the experience you would like Le Zazzu to bring to shoppers?

MA | When you shop at LeZazzu.shop you are participating in the visions of these emerging designers. Our goal is to get you closer to their visions – not just behind their brands but each piece of clothing. We have videos of the designers explaining their designs and what their thought process was. It is immersive experience that we have also tried to make easy and simple to navigate – so nothing stands in between the shopper and the visions of the designers.

Video Courtesy: Le Zazzu

TTL |Where will Le Zazzu take its shoppers next in the realm of Asian Fashion labels?

MA | Our goal for every shopper is to be a bridge to discovery of the new – we are and will constantly be on the hunt for new perspectives and colour from the east. To bring, to the shopper, visions/creations that they would find very hard if not impossible to find in the west. We just launched in the US, but in the future – the whole western market would be the dream.

Visit LeZazzu.Shop to find out more.

Instagram: @Lezazzu.shop

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LeZazzu.shop/


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