| TTL Interview | Medha Khosla, Founder of Anomaly |SS18 Handloom collection|





‘Anomaly’, a term used for anything that deviates from the norm, resonates in the clothing brand Anomaly’s vision when it comes to timeless style with attention to detail.

Based out of Shahpur Jat, New Delhi, founder Medha Khosla has rooted her brand consistently with a clean, utilitarian and easy to wear aesthetic.

For anybody looking for comfortable and relaxed silhouettes, Anomaly provides just that at an affordable price point that will buy you longevity in style.

This Spring/ Summer, Anomaly has teamed up with India’s lead handloom organisation, Women Weave along with weaving communities in Bihar & Jharkhand to produce a collection entirely out of handloom textiles.

Medha Khosla tells TTL exclusively the relevance her brand has today, and why such collaborations are the way forward in reviving handloom to a larger scale and resolving issues weaving communities are facing.

TTL| First and foremost, where did the name ‘Anomaly’ come from? 

MK| It came naturally to me as the whole premise for creating the brand was to fill a gap in a market flooded with either mass market clothing or overpriced designer wear. We were inevitably going to be an ‘Anomaly’ in the industry.

TTL| You have just released your Spring/ Summer 2018 ‘Limited collection’ in collaboration with Women Weave and weaving communities in Bihar & Jharkhand. What was the vision for this collection?

MK|The idea was to design our own handloom textiles and translate them into modern, wearable silhouettes suitable for work, travel and leisure. Our aim is for handloom textiles to be relevant for women today.


 Our aim is for handloom textiles to be relevant for women today.

TTL| Women Weave has established itself successfully supporting weavers across the country, ensuring crafts continue through the handloom school. What was team Anomaly’s experience working with such well trained weavers?

MK| It was such a pleasure working with THS and their skilled weavers. I learnt a lot about weaving and yarns through this process. Sally Holkar, the founder of WomenWeave is an inspiration and was ever so enthusiastic about having us sample with the weavers and explore various techniques. Their team always goes out of their way to achieve the results we are looking for. It’s a joy to be associated with THS.

Women Weave

Image courtesy: ShopXAnomaly

TTL| When designing your ranges, which key details of the garment have you focused on to create modern handloom silhouettes? 

MK| Functional design features, wearability and relevance. Each design must be versatile and stylish at the same time. We explore new finishing and stitching techniques, pocket details etc.

TTL| The yarns used to produce the handwoven fabric of the Limited collection were naturally dyed. Which kind of natural dyes did you use?

MK| AZO free dyes

TTL| What does team Anomaly do to ensure it is a sustainable brand throughout the production process? 

MK| We follow a lean production model, ensuring efficient manufacturing, upcycling leftover fabrics to create home textiles, recycling our branding and packaging materials and producing limited stock to avoid unsolds. We make sure our employees are working in a clean, toxic free envirnonment which in turn increases their productivity.

TTL| Having worked closely with the hand weavers of Maheshwar, Bihar and Jharkhand for this collection, what challenges do you feel need to be addressed for such weaving communities across India?

MK| In general, the weavers communities across India are disorganized clusters with very little to no design/skill training. There is a lack of fair pay which is also discouraging for the weavers to continue the craft and develop their skills further. With adequate skill training, weaving schools and fair pay, we will be able to change the current scenario.

TTL| The Summer collection is all about stripes in handwoven cottons and blends of cotton linens. What fabrics will you be exploring for the next Fall/ Winter collection?

MK| We are working with textured cottons, linens and denim linen for outerwear.

Visit: www.shopanomaly.in and www.womenweave.org to find out more.

Instagram: @shopxanomaly

Twitter: @shopxanomaly

Facebook: www.facebook.com/shopxanomaly/

Pinterest: in.pinterest.com/shopxanomaly/


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