TTL SPOTLIGHT| In NYC & not a Dime spent on Clothing |

Over the last couple of weeks, I was away visiting New York City- that actually never sleeps!

The first thing that comes to mind when NYC is mentioned is Fashion and Shopping. This is down to exchange rates, global flagship stores, designer outlets and accessibility to a wider range of brands- not to mention the fact that the entire city has consumption written all over it.

Though I never went on this trip with the intention of not shopping, it is a real surprise that my mindset has rooted itself in not wavering too much when it comes to limiting unnecessary buys. Whilst I walked through the Broadway, Times Square, by Macys or around Westfield there was no great urge to wander into the shops because there was no list of ‘wants’ as such.

Reflecting back on my own shopping habits in the past, I feel a sense of achievement in seeing through the current culture that we are surrounded by in society today. New York is perhaps the best examples of a city that is full of advertisement, fast paced in every sense, and built off images marketing the ‘in trend’ life.

It is by no means entirely negative that we should aspire and indulge in buying, however to do so with bounds is perhaps a better way of doing so, where we are investing in something rather than simply buying it.

The facts that I have come across in my own journey whilst building TTL so far have made me realise how the small decisions I make in creating or finishing a garment cycle have a greater impact in the World today.

With both Earth Day and Fashion Revolution week around the corner, I will be sharing some of these facts and stories that portray the changes that are gradually being made for a better future.


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